All your business relationships in one app!

Faks centralizes all your exchanges with your labs, sales representatives, networks of pharmacies. Following your requests and delegating to your team members becomes extremely easy.

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Your claims resolved in a flash!

With the Faks app, enjoy an easy, transparent and secure relationship with your pharmaceutical.

Track all your claims in one place and delegate claim solving to your team members with complete peace of mind.

500 referenced pharma companies

Find all your suppliers in the App. Don't worry anymore with searching whom to contact, Faks is up to date with all your preferred contacts!

6 hours per month saved!

Thanks to our intuitive interface, submitting a claim takes only 1 minute, instead of an average of 30 minutes.

100% of your claims solved without effort

Faks keep you informed of the evolution of your claims in real time! Not a single dispute will remain unsolved.

Your trade campains feedback centralized!

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Visualize all your operations in one single agenda

Month after month, inform your team of which operations you want to perform.

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Report easily your operations with the app

Register, take a picture and it's sent!

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Be notified when you are paid

Thanks to the status updates in real time, you know which operations have been validated.

Your expired medications : scanned, validated, reimbursed

Don't wait for your sales representative to come and get rid of your expired medications !

You work for a Lab? Learn more about it 

Get started with Faks in 3 clicks only !

1. I download the app

Disponible sur Google play store et l'App Store, scannez ce QR code avec l'application photo de votre mobile et téléchargez Faks.
Download the application

2. I create my account

Let the App guide you and create your account in a few minutes.

3. First claim !

Make your first claim in 3 clicks by searching for the lab concerned, the rest is up to Faks to guide you...

Les engagements de Faks


Pour des questions d’impartialité et de sécurité de vos données, nous sommes indépendants et nous nous engageons à le rester.
Nous ne sommes financés par aucun groupement ou laboratoire.


Faks demande votre accord avant toute transmission de donnée sensible*. Faks vous explicite quelle donnée est transmise, à qui et pourquoi. Vous pouvez refuser, nous vous donnons des solutions alternatives.
* données sensibles : vente, stock, achat


Vos données sont confidentielles, nous ne les transmettons jamais sans votre accord et nous n’en faisons pas commerce. Nous exerçons un contrôle strict des accès à Faks, de la transmission des données aux seuls partenaires autorisés et de la sécurité de nos systèmes.

Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions about the Faks application and its services, the answer is surely here!

What is Faks for?

Faks is a tool that facilitates exchanges between pharmacies and their suppliers.

For pharmacies, Faks is a mobile application that allows pharmacy owners and pharmacy teams to easily manage all their supplier relations in one place: complaints, expired medications return, trade campains, etc.

For pharmaceutical representatives, Faks is a mobile application that helps them strengthen their customer relations while saving time.

For labs, Faks is a web and mobile application that allows them to manage the various aspects of their customer relations, strengthen customer satisfaction and improve their commercial efficiency.

Who can use Faks?

Faks was created to facilitate relations between all pharmacy professionals: pharmacists, pharmacy teams, groups, pharmaceutical representatives, customer services, purchasing platforms and logisticians.

The tool has been designed so that each player can make their relations more fluid, save time, increase efficiency, better manage their activity and ultimately save money.

How to use Faks?

The Faks app can be installed on your smartphone or tablet, on iOS or Android.
You can also access it from your computer by visiting

How much does Faks cost?

Votre laboratoire et/ou votre groupement partenaire est peut-être partenaire de Faks ?

Si c'est le cas, l'application est gratuite pour vous !

Which labs are available?

You can add all your suppliers, even when one of them does not appear in the list you can easily add it.
We then adapt to the communication mode preferred by each of them: email, sms, integration with their systems, etc.

Can I add other people from my team to Faks?

Yes, just go to your settings, team, then add a user.

Can I manage several pharmacies on Faks?

Yes, just go to your settings, change pharmacy, then click on add.