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Where does Faks come from?

Faks was founded in 2020 by Corentin, a tech entrepreneur, and Clément, a former delegate, surprised by the lack of digital solutions in relations between pharmacies and laboratories.

After several months investigating in the field, all our interlocutors described a low level of digitalization, resulting in a high number of repetitive, time-consuming tasks with little added value. In the final analysis, this represents a major waste of time and money.

Digitization stalls when faced with the complexity of the system: laboratories, groupings, logisticians and pharmacies are deeply interdependent and their exchanges are intense.

We believe that the sector structurally needs a player to fluidify its communications through digital means, and drastically facilitate the work of teams in the field. We believe that to best serve the digitalization of the sector's players, this player must be neutral (no group or laboratory with a stake), modular (the level of digitalization varies from one player to another) and secure.

Our History

At the beginning of 2020, Corentin and Clément realized that the relationships between pharmacies and their suppliers were under-digitized. Pharmacists have to manage an average of 200 suppliers and are under pressure. These two childhood friends have respectively 7 years of experience in the creation of startups and business development in pharmacies.

March 2020

Corentin and Clément visit more than 300 pharmacies to understand how to facilitate relationships with their suppliers

July 2020

Launch of Faks, an app that simplifies claims management

March 2021

1000th user pharmacy

June 2021

Felix joins us to lead the technical developments

December 2021

Launch of a feature that simplifies the management of trade campains

January 2022

Simon, Karl, Eléonore and Gabrielle join us to structure the company and accelerate its development

February 2022

3000th user pharmacy

March 2022

Launch of a feature that simplifies the return of expired medications

June 2022

5000th user pharmacy

November 2022

100th partner group

February 2023

10,000th user pharmacy

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