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Faks vous aide à atteindre votre performance commerciales optimale

Pilotez efficacement vos relations commerciales.
Notre solution est reliée directement à déjà plus de 115 groupements et 12 000 pharmacies.

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Boost your sales operations

Make sure your immediate discount coupon and highlighting operations are well implemented and measure the ROI.

Increase the implementation rate of your operations

Strengthen the visibility of your operations thanks to a dedicated digital channel that pharmacists love. Automatically remind the pharmacist to set up his operation.

Divide by 2 the cost of processing your trades

Centralize, attach and validate a report immediately. Approved by pharmacists from 90 groups.

Channel your complaints

Reduce your complaint processing time and maintain high customer satisfaction.

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Customer satisfaction

Monitor your customer satisfaction and value the work of your teams.

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Flow channelling

Automate standard claims processing.

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Avoid unnecessary complaints by giving information to your customers.

Simplification of processing

Process your claims faster with better documented request.

Control the return of your expired medications

A digitalized recovery process that frees up your teams' time and ensures compliance with your sales policy.

Manage and control your credit expenses on expired medications.

Enforce your recovery policy and track your expenses in real time.

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Divide the cost of  expired medication return by 10 !

Save your employees precious time with a 100% digital recovery. Your sales representative's time is freed up and your customer service time is optimized.

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Comply with the regulations.

By tracking expired products destroyed with their lot numbers and archiving your certificates of destruction.

Replacing expired medications with Faks: between customer loyalty and growth lever for labs

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Frequently asked questions

Si vous vous posez encore des questions sur les services Faks, la réponse se trouve sûrement par ici ! Dans le cas contraire vous pouvez nous écrire ou demander à être rappelé.

What is Faks for?

Faks is a tool that facilitates exchanges between pharmaceutical companies and their client pharmacies.

Our solution for pharmaceutical companies is a web page and a mobile application which enables them to manage various aspects of their customer relations, strengthen customer satisfaction and improve their commercial efficiency.

Our solution for pharmacies is a mobile application that allows pharmacy owners and pharmacy teams more generally to easily manage all their supplier relations in one place: complaints, expired medication return, trade campains, etc.

How do claims work?

All exchanges are done by email or through the Faks WebApp. You can easily find the history of exchanges so as to bring the best experience to your customer.

How do trade campains feedbacks work?

You will receive the feedback by mail or in the mobile app

Can I integrate Faks with my existing tools?

Yes, contact us so that we can understand your current operation and propose the most suitable solution.

How much do Faks services cost?

Faks services are based on an annual subscription fee that depends on the number of pharmacy clients.
Claims and operations receive a free discovery offer. Contact us to learn more.